Want to know what the real dominoes are like?

One of the most popular games in online casinos is dominoes. And that’s true. Just look at the beginners started playing this one game. Because they know the rules of playing dominoes which are very easy.

Even so, it turns out that not many people know how the rules of the real qiu qiu online uang asli game are. They only know the fundamental rules. This is what turns out to make it difficult for many people to win the game.

Maybe you are also one of the people who currently lose more than win when playing dominoes. It’s possible that you don’t really know what the rules of playing Poker139 dominoes are.

Number of Dominoes Players

Do you know how many people can play dominoes at one table? The answers vary. And that’s true. In certain countries, players are only limited to 4 people. However, there are those who allow dominoes to be played by 6 people.

However, the most common is a domino game played by 4 people. This makes the domino game interesting. Chances of winning are lower. However, there are also those who feel that playing dominoes with fewer people is more challenging. Especially head to head. That is, only two people.

Apart from this, most dominoes are played by 3 people to make the game more interesting. Of course you have to pay attention to who your opponents are at the table. Even if you play online, you have to study your opponent’s game.

Start Playing Dominoes

Playing dominoes is very easy. You as a player only need to wait for the dealer to distribute the cards. Dominoes are shuffled with the cards face down or face down. As the cards were shuffled, a very familiar sound was heard. Each player will be given 6 domino cards.

If this is played offline or live, the cards are face down in two rows of three. This makes it easier for players to take all six cards with both hands. Players can see and re-place the cards on the table or in their original place. However, since dominoes are now played online, you don’t have to pick them up. You only need to use certain features to see what cards you have.

The first person to play is the person holding the six doubles. If there is none, then the one with the double-five is the first one and so on. The tiles played must be double tiles allowing the player to take the first turn. If neither player holds a double, the tiles are reshuffled.

Each player gets a turn then plays a tile on the table by positioning the card so that it touches one end of the domino chain which gradually increases in length. A player can only play cards or also called tiles that have a number displayed at one end of the domino chain or the other.

However, if there is a player who does not have a card that can be placed or placed on a tile that has been stretched, he can pass it to the next player. In this case, the opponent will remember why the player can’t play and it could be a card that can make the player lose.

Usually the game stops when one player “chips out” (plays his last domino) although some versions require both partners to chip out.

Well, those are the rules for playing dominoes that are internationally agreed upon. Especially if you want to play dominoes online, you have to follow the rules globally like that.


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