Two Ways to Register an Account at a Soccer Gambling Bookie

Online soccer gambling is not a new thing for most people in the country. Since internet technology is growing rapidly, most of the football lovers are looking for profits by placing bets on online soccer gambling sites. Even now almost all Indonesians play Depobos since smartphone technology is growing rapidly and almost everyone has it.

The advantage of online soccer gambling through a bookie on the internet is that it is more practical. You can bet any time. The reason is because bookies open bets for every football match in the world from any league. While the profit is also greater because the dealer will pay based on how to calculate the odds. Of course the security guarantee is also guaranteed when compared to you placing bets with friends.

Well, if you are interested in playing agen judi depobos, then the first step is that you must first create an account on a site that has been prepared by a bookie. Take it easy because the method is simple. While the banda provides two options that you can use. Both options will be explained by the admin in this article.

How to Register a Soccer Gambling Account

The first way to register an account at an online soccer bookie is through the register menu. You must prepare a laptop or cellphone first before creating an account. Of course there must be an internet connection as well. After that, please access the site you want to go to. Make sure if you are already using a VPN because some sites are closed by the government.

If you have entered the homepage then please look for the register menu. When you click on it, a registration form will appear. There you must fill out the form with complete personal data and of course it must be valid as well. You must fill in your username, password, email, mobile number and bank data.

For filling bank data, the site will provide several bank options that are well-known in this country, such as BNI, BRI, BCA, CIMB Niaga, Danamon and others. You don’t need to select all of those options. Just choose one. Of course it must be in accordance with the bank you use for transactions. Then you have to fill in the number and name of the bank account.

When all this data is complete, then just click the submit button. Wait a few minutes because the city will check the data you provide. After that you will receive a verification link sent on your cellphone or email. Please open the link and all you have to do is verify. After that, the username and password can be used to login and play Depobos online soccer gambling.

Use Bandar Judi Bola Customer Service

The second way is to use the customer service of soccer betting bookies. Of course this method is more practical and simple because you don’t need to create your own account. Instead, you ask customer service to make it. So most suitable for you who are busy.

If you access the site, a live chat feature will appear on the device. Now, just click on that feature and tell customer service so they can create a new account for you. You don’t need to enter a password to use this live chat because it is provided for free.

Later the customer service will ask you to provide your name, email, mobile number, name and bank account number. After that they will create an account for you. Those are two simple ways to register an online soccer gambling account.


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