The Fun of Playing ODD/EVEN Football Betting on the SBOBET Market

Poker at a Glance – In online soccer betting games, there are many types of soccer markets that you can play safely and comfortably at online soccer dealers. This time we will discuss one type of market that is very popular among bettors in Indonesia, namely ODDs/EVEN or ODD/EVEN.

As the name suggests ODD/EVENT or ODD/EVEN, in this online soccer betting market, it is based on the number of goals created by the two teams that will compete later, whether the goal results are odd or even in Full Time, which of course will be very easy daftar tx poker  to understand and try. to install it. For more details, we will explain a little as follows:


If you choose this bet, you will win if the total goals in full time are Odd (the total goals of both teams are 1, 3, 5, and so on.)

  • PSG 1-0 Madrid = Total Goals 1
  • PSG 2-1 Madrid = Total Goals 3
  • PSG 3-2 Madrid = Total Goals 5
  • PSG 4-1 Madrid = Total Goals 5


If you choose this bet, you will win if the total goals in full time are Even (the total goals of both teams are 2, 4, 6, and so on.)

  • PSG 2-0 Madrid = Total Goals 2
  • PSG 2-2 Madrid = Total Goals 4
  • PSG 3-1 Madrid = Total Goals 4
  • PSG 4-2 Madrid = Total Goals 6

That’s the explanation for playing Poker139 online soccer betting with the ODD/EVEN market type, which will certainly be very easy for you to understand, where this market is one of the markets that is quite popular among Indonesian bettors, where you are only faced with 2 probabilities, namely Winning or losing the ratio is 50. :50.

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