Nova88 Football Betting

Nova is a soccer gambling site that provides a diverse and very complete online soccer betting market so it’s not surprising that there are many interesting players to play. Because it is always satisfying with the many market choices that are free to be used so that it is always easy to place bets because you can choose the type of game freely that you want to play Depobos.

You must know the market in detail before choosing a bet and if you understand how to read the football betting market in Macau, there is a high chance of winning and minimizing analysis errors. Pay attention to the market before placing a bet because it can determine the right strategy in the game and can also freely choose which nova88 soccer gambling market is more suitable for betting.

Here are the types of markets so that all of you can understand and get to know more about how to read the soccer betting market before playing link alternatif depobos. Because if you all understand, it can minimize an incident big or small. Because that’s what we really avoid to avoid misunderstandings.

Nova88 Football Betting Betting Market

The nova88 site provides various types of online soccer gambling betting markets that you can freely choose, namely the odds are different but can still compete with various other soccer sites. The following is the nova88 soccer betting market:


The handicap market or known as the HDP type is the most common type of gambling bet that gives voor to the less favored team where voor whose value starts from odds of 0.5 to 2.

Over under

Over/Under or OU types are types of soccer bets where nova88 will place a number limit on bets for every soccer match provided. Then each player must guess whether the total goals created are over the limit of the numbers installed by nova88 or not. If it passes, the Over bet wins the bet and vice versa if it doesn’t exceed the number limit, the under option wins.

1 X 2

The 1 x 2 type is a bet where the player must choose 1 of 3 possibilities to occur in a 1 X 2 match, namely choice 1 favors the result on the home team winning, while choice X results in a draw and choice 2 is holding the away team with a chance to win.

Correct Score

Correct Score or FT/HT types are bets played by guessing the final score of a match without any errors. The FT bet in question is Full Time where the player is required to guess the score until the game ends in a full match and HT stands for Half Time, namely the player guesses the final score. only in the first half.

Other Types of Football Gambling

Odd Even

The Odd/Even or odd-even type is a type of soccer bet by guessing the total number of goals scored in an even or odd numbered match. All I can say is that this bet is very easy to play. Without having to have special skills to play it.

Half Time / Full Time

Players are required to guess the results of the first round and the second round by choosing one of HH: Home Home. HD: HomeDraw. HA: Home Away. DH: Draw Home. DD: Draw Draw. DA: Draw Away. AH: Away Home. AD: Away Draw. AA: Away Away. First Goal / Last Goal First Goal betting type nova88 must guess which club will score first and for Last Goal bet type must guess which team scored the last goal.

Mix Parlay

The mix parlay type is a unique bet and is the largest type of game. Because players are expected to choose at least 3 betting parties which will be used in 1 betting package. Players must be able to correctly guess the results of all matches in the betting package without any mistakes. If the bet has 1 error, of course the bet is considered lost, but if your prediction is correct, everything is placed. So the payment is doubled.


Where outright is a player must make a soccer bet. By choosing a team in a competition that will come out as champion at the end of the tournament. If the team you choose loses or is eliminated in the competition, the bet will be declared lost. And vice versa, apart from guessing the winning team but also guessing the team. Those who enter the relegation zone or teams that enter the final and semi-finals as well as the quarter-finals and others.

The nova88 soccer betting market is a voor system that accommodates a bet. In every football match and also a quality and best market system is for football gambling fans. To make it easier to precisely analyze the team that is the betting choice.


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