How to Play & Open Blocked Online Poker Sites in Indonesia

Hello all bettor mania, of course, if you are in this admin article, you are experiencing difficulties, not when you open your subscription online poker site, right? Now this is also the same as what the admin has experienced, therefore the admin reviews it with the article How to Play hokijudi99 and Open this Indonesian Blocked Online Poker Site. Read on so that you can continue to enjoy online poker card gambling games on your online poker gambling site.

Yep, positive internet is one of the distractions that hinders your enjoyment when playing online poker, right? But take it easy, the admin guarantees that after reading this article you can still play online poker at your respective online poker gambling agents again comfortably.

How to open a poker site that is blocked in Indonesia?

Talking about how to open a poker site that is blocked by the Indonesian government, there are actually various ways. So if the first method fails, there are still other ways that we can try. What are the ways? Let’s see below

Changing Proxy

Maybe you’ve often heard this trick right? Or not at all? Maybe some of you have already tried it, right? So, how do you open a blocked online poker site by changing a proxy? Admin explains in detail below yaa

  • Open your Google Crome
  • Scroll down until it’s stuck, then click “Show advanced settings”
  • In Network settings, click “Change proxy settings…”
  • Select the “Connections” menu then click “LAN settings”
  • Check “Use a proxy server…” and “Bypass proxy…” See picture!
  • We are looking for a free proxy to fill in the Address and Port fields. We can go to looking for from many proxies, and we choose the one that we think is very good and fast.
  • Enter the IP Address and Port that we found from the proxy list. I tried to use the IP from Beijing
  • Then click “OK”

Using a VPN

Well, the second method is very simple, all bettor friends. Where we only install a VPN application in the Playstore or Appstore with just one click, we can immediately enjoy free access to any web page without being blocked.

Examples of VPN applications in the playstore that admins usually use are Free VPN, or VPN Master where all VPN applications for Android or iOS smartphones are used the same way, which is just one click and you are free to visit your online poker site.

Using Anti-Proxy Browser

In this 3rd method, the admin also provides a simple method that is easy to do, which is the same as a VPN, only by downloading an anti-proxy browser application on the Hokijudi99 Playstore or Appstore. By using this anti-proxy browser we only need to open the browser and TAA-DAAA!!! All sites that were previously blocked can now be enjoyed freely.

Usually for this anti-proxy browser the admin uses an application called UC Browser or Puffin. If you don’t want to be bothered, you can just type the page and visit

Using Alternative Links

Now this is the last way and according to the admin is the simplest and easiest way, namely by visiting an alternative link to your blocked online poker site. Where with alternative links we can open our online poker website easily and directly to the destination of our poker site.

How to find out alternative links to our online poker sites? Now to find out alternative links that we can use to visit our online poker agent site, we can ask the online cs of the online poker site itself.

For example, currently the admin is subscribing to but the url address of this admin’s online poker agent site has been blocked by the Indonesian government. Now, by going through the alternative link, it turns out that the admin can still open the qqgaming site and go directly to the QQGaming page. It’s very easy isn’t it?

Now that’s the end of our discussion about How to Play Hokijudi99 & Open Blocked Online Poker Sites in Indonesia, hopefully it will help with any problems and searches you need. Share this article entitled How to Play & Open Indonesian Blocked Online Poker Sites to your closest people who also like to play on the Trusted Online Gambling Sites in Indonesia. Don’t forget to also give your opinion about our article


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